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Copper Scrap

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copper scrap

Price: 1900 USD ($)/Metric Ton

Scrap Copper Analysis is a vital step in getting the most from recycled copper. Although the global demand for copper has taken a serious hit due to Chinas construction slowdown, market specialists point to the red metals non-construction applications to offer renewed price support. The current global status of commodity copper entails a price that has measurably fallen and demand that has all but evaporated as China shifts away from apartment tower construction and infrastructure. However, this change occurred when copper producers were undergoing a new wave of production to meet a demand that no longer exists, swamping the world in surplus red metal. Fortunately, this surplus keeps scrap copper analysis in demand as a less expensive alternative to purchasing newly produced copper.

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Price: 700 USD ($)/Twenty-Foot Container

We are a trading company and suppliers of copper scraps. We supply various copper scraps such as copper wire scraps,copper millberry scraps, copper ingot scraps etc. We offer the copper scraps at a very competitive prices and the delivery is prompt.


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